Bra Shopping

[Note: This post is not intended for the freak-sizes such as  32DD (this really means 27 inches around.  That’s smaller than a child’s waist.). These sizes happen in nature so rarely that I liken them to unicorns. These sizes can be found at Victoria’s Secret because, apparently, most D, DD + cups are on 32 inch (augmented) chests!]

I have more than one friend who is large breasted.  As such, bra shopping is a trauma for many of them because they are dealing with multiple issues on top of preference about bra type. While Victoria’s Secret does exist, it’s not really there for the 46 D or DD or H woman.  The band sizes at such locations are pretty limited.  Sure, there’s The Avenue and Lane Bryant, but not every large breasted woman is out looking for heavily wired push up bras in fuchsia.

This comes up because I went bra shopping with my friend, Carol, the other day.  She needed a front-fasten bra since she isn’t to raise her arms above her head, she couldn’t picture trying to fasten the bra behind her, and she wasn’t sure about the hook and scoot method that I use.  She had tried on her own, to no avail, at Target.  From my internet research, I knew that our best chance was at Sears.  Sure enough, we found some front hook bras for the large breasted woman.  Next was finding one without an underwire.  When I did finally find some, I was stunned.  There were so many hook and eyes on the damned thing they should have come with some Amish man to help get you into it.  It was amazing — I swear 6 inches of hooks and eyes.  In that case, there’s no getting dressed if there’s a fire!

We did finally find ONE.  That’s right. ONE.  It was the right band and cup size and looked OK (not pretty ’cause that’s just not happening).  We had them call another Sears.  Nope.  No more.  Apparently there was a run on ugly, white, Amish bras from the early 20th century.  Who knew?

I was feeling OK and optimistic that one would work.  However, I found out today that Carol’s drain messed up dumping STUFF on her new bra.  Yep.  No longer white.  No replacements.

I think we should start a movement to get all women the bras they need for comfort, surgery, and fun.


3 thoughts on “Bra Shopping

  1. andrea says:

    Bras for body and soul in Fremont is great for hard to fit sizes. It’s a breast cancer survivor shop, but they will fit any lady. You need to make an appointment to be fitted, however.

    • Suzanne says:

      I did not know that. Thank you. I do know the speciality shop in the DM area (who are so good with taking care of the medical receipts too), but not here. I will pass this information on. 🙂

  2. Cassie says:

    I was going to say, get the size, company, etc, and have Stacey’s here order it for her. If they won’t mail it (and I’m SURE they would), I will.

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