Wishing & Hoping

Thursday was a bad day for me for a multitude of reasons.  Life is like that.  It happens.  Generally you make the best of it and then move on.  However, I had been itchy all week.  My friend, Carol, had been keeping me updated on her “lump.”  She found it on August 13th — talk about your omens.  She found it when she was showering, about the size of a macadamia nut she said. She’d had a mammogram recently, so she called the doctor.  Could be anything.

The following Monday confirmed that anything was a lump that needed to be checked out.  The biopsy was scheduled for the next week — Tuesday.  So we waited.  I thought she’d have the results by the end of that week.  She didn’t.  By the 31st I was ready to storm the doctor’s office.  People were assuring me that when you don’t hear anything right away, then that’s a good sign.  They only move fast when something’s wrong.

Thursday confirmed that something is wrong.  It is cancer.  On the plus side, it was found early.  The tumor is 1.1 cm, and due to its being close to 1 cm may not require chemotherapy along with radiation.  The surgery can be done outpatient, as a lumpectomy and not a full mastectomy.  Carol will be injected with dye so her lymph nodes can be taken and analyzed.  If they are clean and clear, then chemotherapy really won’t be needed.  All these are VERY GOOD THINGS.

I am wishing and hoping that this horrific event can be minimized as much as humanly possible.  I am hopeful that Carol will not end up with a rigorous and life-altering regimen of cancer killing agents that negatively affect her.  With so many negatives in her life, I am hopeful that this will end up being one positive.  I wish my friend very speedy recovery.

I’m not religious, I don’t believe in deities, but if she needs prayers, I will do that for my friend.  I’m not ready to lose her.  Yes, I’m that selfish.


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