This Book = Meh

Sometimes your friends aren't to be trusted…

I don't even know WHERE to start. The protagonist went through so many things that, even though you knew, intellectually, that she was a victim, you grew tired of her BS. She ended up being a manipulative, unsympathetic, vain creature who was toxic to the lives of those around her. It was given to me as a "feminist" novel, but I couldn't find that vein. I kept reading, hoping to find something redeeming in the book — to find a purpose for the lead character — but no. She was just…flawed. For some reason, that hurt to the very end.

I would have liked to have seen her be honest and to actually make something better of herself. I guess the idea was that there were very few choices at that time in history, but it seems to me there are always choices. She just always chose badly.

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