Advice I Wouldn't Take at 16

Wherein I reflect on what an obnoxious prat I was. Thank goodness for friends who love you anyway!


Oh my, where do I start?

First off, don't be so damned serious and shy. Being intellectual is good, but not when it builds a wall between you and others. Making friends is a GOOD thing, embrace it. You could do that by, I don't know, joining a club or something. You don't always have to be at home, do you? It would be good if you stopped watching, and started participating.

Also, stop eating crap food. You have some gorgeous skin, pretty nice hair, a quick wit, quirky style, and not a terrible form. If you'd stay at this weight, you'd be OK. This means you need to find a new way to deal with your problems. Eating them isn't working (OK, I need to tell my 43 year-old self this same stuff). Find another coping mechanism. On top of that, binging on junk food is a stupid hobby. Your friend who's into this and sharing it with you, is throwing it all back up. Don't be naive. That's why she's normal-sized and you're fat.

Enjoy life. You're so busy worrying about the next thing, trying to get it all done yesterday that you never really stop, relax, and consider life's beauty. What's the rush? In trying to measure up to your own ridiculous standards, you never notice if you're doing what's needed. Who are you trying to impress? While we're on that, stop being snarky and snotty. This is not a television show with a laugh track. A lot of what you're saying is hurtful. Funny, yes, but hurtful.

In short, have some fun, take time to relax, make MORE friends, don't overeat, stop being on the outside, don't hurt people, and don't be so damned serious. Life is good.

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