A Week of Wearing Dresses

I readily admit (and, in fact, am proud of), I am a  jean wearer.  For the longest time my uniform of choice consisted of dark wash jeans, with a t-shirt, and a jacket or sweater.  I prided myself in wearing jeans that were usually designer, trouser cut, dark wash, and well made.  I tended not to wear the everyday work jean; although, I owned them for weekends and hanging out.  Then, I went and put on about 20-25 pounds.

That’s not new news.  It is however, a lesson in standing still since I’m doing precious little to address the problem (although, I’m doing a lot to ADD to it). Yes this problem can be addressed by diet and exercise.

As such, buying new jeans has been… let’s say, difficult.  My excess weight was not “distributed evenly”.  In fact, it went straight to my saddlebags, giving me an even more pronounced pear-like figure.  I consider myself rhomboid since it’s a pointy head, big lower hips/upper thighs, and then pointy feet.  Having a 16 to 18 inch difference between my waist measurement and my “hip” measurement means that PANTS.DO.NOT.FIT.PROPERLY (Apparently they don’t make jeans for the mutant bodied!). Dresses, however, do.

As such, I decided to give in to a prevalent part of the school culture.  Many of the female teachers at my school wear skirts and dresses. This week I started off wearing a sundress from The Gap with a shrug sweater.  As the week progressed, I wore a black, linen skirt, a blue mosaic dress, a rust-colored rouched dress, and ended the week (although I found a pair of jeans that fit, they are LIGHT wash so…), wearing a denim “peasant” dress I’d gotten  the night before so I HAD to wear it.

Keb takes a picture of his mom.

And you know what?  It didn’t kill me.  It didn’t restrict my movement.  It didn’t make me feel dowdy.  It did quicken getting dressed in the morning.  Hell, people said I looked nice.  Huh, how about that?  Of course, being willing to wear dresses daily was facilitated, to a large part, by my relaxed point of view about my legs (fugly and HID-E-OUS) as well as shoe wear.

I’m already planning next week’s wardrobe. Yes, I think I can manage a second week of dresses and skirts.  I think that I will continue to utilize dresses for school until winter comes.  At that point, getting from my room to the main building in rain, in a dress, in some sort of shoe wear that keeps my feet dry, will probably be next to impossible.  However, I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.


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