I Don’t Need To Have Periods!


This was something a friend said to me the other day.  She was upset at having to have her period.  She feels that she has no reason for this, so why should she be forced to have it?  She’s just ready to go through the change and get rid of it. Besides, it’s problematic, messy, and gross!

WOW.  That’s a lot of vitriol for a little blood.

Sigh.  I’ve been hearing this for years.  While I’ve been blessed, if you can call it that, with fairly uneventful menstrual cycles, I have to admit to some pretty extreme skepticism that this monthly event is everything you hear women whine about.  I know a great deal of my skepticism and cynicism lies in the fact that these women truly NEVER do anything about it. Seriously, they don’t track their PMS symptoms on a calendar, they don’t eliminate foods that cause issue, they don’t pay attention to the onset symptoms of migraines, they REFUSE to exercise, and they don’t discuss it with their doctors.

Are you kidding me?  For those women who truly have menstrual issues (endometriosis and such), this is a BIG deal that requires medical attention.  The interesting thing is that all of this has to do with a woman’s reproductive health.  HEALTH.  It’s a big deal.

Which leads me to the menstrual suppression bandwagon of late.  Why?  While I support the use of hormones in reproductive health, I don’t feel that every woman has to use them.  In fact, I often feel they are over-prescribed to handle non-reproductive issues — issues that can often be handled with a calendar (for the allegedly “irregular”) and time.  I feel that using hormones to suppress the period as if it’s “unnatural” is, in itself, unnatural and weird. Furthermore, for extreme medical issues, using period suppression can also mask symptoms that DO NEED medical attention.  No woman wants to feel that her reproductive choice was eliminated due to “user error.” Which leads to another “user error” that can occur with such use.

My friend, who made this proclamation, was one who was using birth control pills for period suppression.  I assuming she also used it for birth control (and for period regularity.  Honestly, it’s amazing babies are born given how many woman are “irregular”); however, given what I know about her dating life, that could have been handled using other methods of contraception.  The downside to this is that she had one of the “very rare complications” that come from this birth control pill, and I suspect as well, its usage.  She had extreme liver damage.  Her liver was pockmarked (that’s the best I an explain it) with tumors.  Needless to say, she had to undertake liver surgery to remove a good 40% or so of her liver.

That, my friends, seems like a pretty unnatural event.  Periods = natural.  Invasive liver-tumor surgery = unnatural.

I’m always more than slightly disturbed by what I feel are assaults on female sexuality and reproduction.  Along with the push for “The Brazilian”, making sure you’re “fresh” “down there”, is the new “no period”.  Why?  Is it really for women or have we bought some male-packaged fetish hook, line and sinker? This is a feminist issue and we’re giving up parts of our reproductive health ’cause they’re “inconvenient”?

Seriously, honest to God, if you’re going to buy organic foods because they’re better for your body, and eschew harsh cleaning chemicals in your environment,  then you might want to think twice about playing God with your reproductive system.


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