Please Feed the Animal

I’ve spent the better part of this morning in a foul mood.  Nothing (yes, I am exaggerating) has gone as I expected.  That usually is enough to tank my attitude.  Add to that a little bit LOT of jealousy, some family strife, and my own pissy nature,  and I was  having what Alexander calls a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. At 11 in the morning no less (Taed pointed out it was still morning.  How could my whole day be “ruined”?)

It culminated, of course, with my going to the car shop to drop off my car.  Even though my car has trouble, it can’t be fixed this weekend because the BEST person doesn’t work on weekends.  Yes, the service guy was WONDERFUL — sweet, helpful, as puzzled as I — he pulled up the previous work order, listened to the car, confirmed that I was a teacher and needed my car, and he made an appointment for Monday morning, giving me all details on what to do if I needed to drop it off early.  Yet, I was still muttering in my mind, throwing my own personal pity party.

So “Damn it all to hell!” I thought.  “I’m going to McDonald’s.

Suffice to say, one iced mocha and salad later and I can see that what I really needed was food. Apparently being hungry (even if my tummy isn’t rumbling) is enough to take my day-to-day natural snarkiness to the outer limits of pure intolerance and evil.

If you, too, find your loved ones shifting to pure evil, you might want to consider that music may soothe the savage beast, but food will definitely tame the animals.

To those I offended this morning, I’m sorry.


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