Jack-in-the-Box wants my business and is pretty damned willing to work hard to get it.  At lunch, on Saturday, in the drive-through, more than one Jack-in-the-Box “associate” (I’m making that up, I don’t know what they call themselves or what to call them) worked to assure that my visit was pleasant and that I got what I wanted.  From the ordering, “Please check the screen and make sure that I input your order correctly.” to the window where someone else said, “Let me read your order to you to make sure we have it right.” Then my drinks were given to me, I was asked how my visit was going “so far” and if they were “meeting my needs” and then the final delivery of food product and the second questioning to make sure I didn’t “want any sauce.”  Wow.  I had more contact, positive contact, with them in 5-6 minutes than the entire time I was at a sit-down restaurant in Los Gatos yesterday.  In fact, compared to Jack-in-the-Box, my McDonald’s drive-through experience hardly even rates at mediocre.

Now, I am not a huge fan of Jack-in-the-Box’s food, but with service like this, I’m sure I can find one or two menu items I could live with.

BTW, try the funnel cake!  It tasted JUST.LIKE.FUNNEL.CAKE.  Which you would assume, but we are talking fast food here.  It was so worth $1.


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