Don’t Eat Here

Opa in Los Gatos was just… disappointingly mediocre with some of the worst service I’ve ever experienced. [Side note: I had been warned by Eric who cut my hair.  However, since it was 3 in the afternoon we figured it couldn’t be that bad.]  I’m sure I’ll hear from them as my “feedback” on their on-site form reads like your cranky college professor wrote it.  Run down includes:

  • Few customers — only 7 tables occupied
  • No host to greet at the door
  • Most of the work handled by one lone Hispanic gentleman with 4 young “waitresses” in various stages of sitting around
  • 50 minutes for fries, soup and a saute.  The soup was pre-made, how hard was that?
  • The saute was SWIMMING in oil — so much for healthy
  • The drinks were bad.  Who knew you could ruin both diet soda and iced tea?
  • Lack of caring by the staff
  • The kitchen was a PIG STY.  I’d never seen that many pans piled up with no one handling them before.  Oi!
  • Lack of responsiveness from the staff

Not that this is in a location I frequent, but definitely no second visit.  Ever.


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