Cool Packaging

I’ve brought this up before, but this time I remembered to take pictures to support my assertion.  The McDonald’s fruit and yogurt parfait cup is very well designed.  There is a notch in the lid of the cup to hold the spoon.  There is a slit in the granola package that slips on the spoon.  The whole thing is just very cool.  Whoever designed that should be given some sort of excellent prize.  It might not make money, but it’s totally innovative in a “why didn’t I think of that” kind of way.

The complete "package"

The spoon with the granola attached. There is a slit in the package.

The package looks normal, save for a small slit

The lid. It looks "normal" save for the small hole on the side. That's just ingenious.

There’s part of me that realizes I’m just easily amused.


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