My Assignment

I’ve given myself a bit of an assignment before school starts.  I had purchased pre-printed papers from Really Good Stuff that say “10 Things You Need to Know About…” with a blank line.  Generally, this is an activity for the students.  They are to fill it out, add color, and make it their own.  In the mean time, we get to learn more about who’s in class.

Yet, it seems to me that I should model the process or have a pre-made product ready to a) show them what to do and b) introduce myself.  I’ve been ruminating on this because it’s not an easy task.  It requires prioritizing, editing, and finding the right balance between seriousness and fun.  I don’t want to send the wrong message about who I am or will be as their teacher.

Of course, in today’s day and age, this is all done by committee.  Therefore, I did post a request on Facebook for feedback.  What did my Facebook friends think I should share?  I was immediately amused at the only response I’ve received (mind you it’s 7:00 Friday morning and I probably posted at 4:30.  Most people SLEEP!) is that I should list my Facebook addiction.

No time like the present to start brainstorming…

  1. I love reality shows like Top Chef and Project Runway where people are judged by what they make.  Creativity in action.
  2. I am a mother to a 9-year old son, and wife to a code monkey.
  3. I’m highly exacting DEMANDING.  I want what I want when I want it, which is usually yesterday.
  4. I vehemently dislike HATE whining.
  5. I LOVE cartoons and watch many Disney/Pixar films over and over again.
  6. I am given to hyperbole.
  7. I am an early riser.
  8. I write daily, and feel there is importance in having an authentic voice.
  9. I am politically aware; although, not always politically active.
  10. I am given to extreme cynicism and skepticism.
  11. While not a Luddite, I don’t see the point in “technology” in the classroom. I think of it as an Occam’s Razor sort of thing.  Why multiply beyond what is necessary to do the job?  Although, I’m sure I’m using it wrong.
  12. I tend to ALWAYS think that I am right; although, I am willing to concede that I may be wrong.
  13. Sarcasm IS my first language; English is merely the delivery system.
  14. I hope for the best, but expect the worst.  That might account for my attitude.
  15. I hate the half-empty, half-full analogy.  Sometimes a drink is just a drink.
  16. [I seem to have gotten off topic]
  17. I love reading, and strive to keep my classroom library up to date.
  18. While my degree is in English, I hate teaching it.  I prefer to teach math due to the linear, methodical nature involved.
  19. I love analyzing things and realize, too late, I would have made a good policy wonk.
  20. I often consider returning to school for a degree in math (which would kill me and/or my marriage) because I’m now fascinated by it.
  21. While I throw around, “Why not?” I do believe that, when it comes to lasting policies, this question should be more carefully examined and considered.
  22. I hate the idea of being paid just on test scores, but I am obsessed with mine and am ALWAYS disappointed that I didn’t do better.
  23. I am a lot more sensitive than I look and act.  My feelings get hurt quite easily; although, I tend to be quick to forgive.
  24. I often wonder if I’m ADD.
  25. I am addicted to food — especially sugar.  I do NOT have a normal relationship with it.

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