Chain Saws

My mom wants a chain saw for her birthday. Aside from this being the most awesome Facebook update ever (I mean really, how many 69-year-old women WANT a chain saw?), I’m come to realize that it’s actually a daunting task.  One for which I am not only woefully unprepared, but of which I’m abundantly ignorant.

I live in a townhouse.  I do almost ZERO maintenance on anything.  We have a small “garden” out front of pathetic, dried, mostly dead plants which means that, not only can’t I sort out the “best” chain saw for my mom, I can’t even keep ferns and ivy alive. Which brings me back to picking a chain saw.  OK, there are A LOT of chain saws out there. First, electric or gas?  Perhaps cordless?  I’m thinking “Yes, please.” but what do I know, I can only grow weeds and moss, and haven’t cut grass in at least 20 years.

Then come the “sophisticated” choices — depth, height, weight, chain length.  Hell, I don’t know. Some include voltage information, plus price.  We’d talked about a gift in the $100 area, but these things are all over the place.  Do I buy what appears to be a cheap $60 chain saw and then buy $40 in chocolates and good alcohol?  That seems like a recipe for disaster.  What if I buy one and it can’t be returned?  What do the people at Home Depot do when the return in a chain saw? “Ma’am, was there anything wrong with this?”

“Well, no, it’s just not the right size, color, voltage, and brand.  My daughter bought it for me.  She means well, but she knows nothing about taking care of a yard.”

OK, that hurt. All this hunting, Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Sears has my head swimming.  Therefore, I will take the coward’s way out.  I will purchase the Visa, MasterCard or American Express gift card which will allow her to do the comparison shopping on the chain saws, allowing her to ultimately pick the best one for her (within a price range. ;).

This is one time when being a fly on the wall would be most amusing.


One thought on “Chain Saws

  1. Don’t give up! Sears makes it super easy to pick one out. Go to and then select the product, in this case chainsaws. After a few questions (don’t worry the guru guides you through) you will get recommendations. There are always reviews with each product. I hope it helps. It will at least lead you in the right direction. Good Luck

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