Taed & Music

In October, 1993, Taed drove from Chicago to Des Moines to visit me.  I don’t know what he expected from the trip.  I know I just thought it would be nice to reconnect with him.  After he returned to California, he sent me a tape.  Remember when people made mix-tapes? Usually there was a message in the mix tape, but sometimes it was just a lot of songs people liked.  I don’t really know which kind this one was.  However, I chose to read it as a message.

One of the songs was, “If You Really Want Me” by Salt-N-Pepa.  So I called him and told him.  At least I remember doing that.  In my mind, I was making the first move.  Then again, I tend to be a little on the slow side, so it’s entirely possible I was just catching up with him.

Here is a playlist in honor of my honey.  These are many of the songs that he would send me.  They always make me smile, and always make me think of him.


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