My Prophetic Daydreams

Not that I have scientific proof or anything.

fortune telling

I don’t have prophetic dreams that I’m aware of. However, I have obsessive thoughts, daydreams, and “visions” that are often prophetic.

The first one that I was really aware of was when I was about 20. I never wanted anyone to call me at work since I was convinced that I was going to be called with news that my dad had died. I remember once a friend called, and I was so angry. I was a mess. Eventually, this did come to pass. On Thursday, April 16th, 1988, I got the call that my dad had had a heart attack at work. I was to meet my mom at the hospital. I couldn’t even bargain with God on my walk to the car. I just knew.

Another vision came about a year later. I would go for walks and my mind kept asking me what I was going to do when the person I was “seeing” finally told me he was getting married. I was practicing saying, “Congratulations.” Of course, like any prophetic vision, what you see isn’t quite “true.” I was informed of his impending nuptials — by a colleague. Needless to say, my ability to be “gentile” about the situation never materialized. Even though I had tried to prepare myself for the inevitable, I wasn’t. Suffice to say, I didn’t do the right thing. He never ended up marrying her (in part because we never stopped seeing each other), and I’ve always felt like a jerk for it.

There have been other times when my intuition has buzzed with something going on. However, these remain daytime events — never in my dreams.

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