The Best Advice I Ever Received About Being Pregnant

When I was pregnant, women started coming out of the woodwork to tell me their horror stories about child birth. Stories included prolonged labor, painful deliveries, parts that ripped, insensitive doctors, etc. You name it, I started to hear about it. Worse, many wanted me to watch TLC’s “A Baby Story” to prepare myself for what was to happen. At the very least I had to practice DEMANDING drugs.

When I shared this with my mom, she advised that I not listen to what anyone had to say. Her thought was that these people were just sharing misery. After all, Mom opined, everyone has a different delivery. For every horror story is someone whose labor was quick, easy, and painless. She pointed out that she had had both my brother and me without the benefit of anesthesia. She had made it through, and it wasn’t that bad.

The most salient point she made was that if women were still bringing up how horrible and painful it was to have their child, then maybe they resented the child. No matter what, it wasn’t the child’s fault. Mom felt that you forget the pain when you have the baby. After all, isn’t it worth it? [Side note: This is a woman whom I feel deserved better children, yet she got us. We were, put simply, b*stards.]

Needless to say this is the advice that I give to other women. Don’t listen to the horror stories. Of course, I also add, don’t tell anyone the baby’s name. Everyone has an opinion. Once you name the baby, they can’t do anything about it and, of course, everyone generally thinks it’s the perfect name for the baby.

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