Another One Bites the Dust

The slow, agonizingly painful demise of yet another iPod shuffle.  I think this is #4.

iPod 1: THE ORIGINAL was a gift from Taed.  He thought I would like it for when I went on walks and such.  Of course, given that this is me, I was not warm to the idea.  In fact, I lacked the basic graciousness to be fully appreciative.  I was pretty clear that I didn’t want it, wouldn’t need it, and that it was a waste of time and money.  I was, simply, an inconsiderate prat.

Number One died very quickly.  I recall talking to the Apple Support Staff over the phone about the fact that it wouldn’t play.  They insisted that it was “user error”.  I countered with, “If the catch-phrase is “plug and play” which error did I make, plugging or playing?” After dealing with the crazy that is me, they replaced it free of charge.  However, they still were pretty adamant that it was user error.  Jerks.

Number Two took the place of Number One.  I never once, after Number One, used our PC to load music onto an iPod.  Perhaps that was my “plug” error.  That iPod lasted a decent amount of time until it stopped working.  Because it was over a year later, there was no warranty to consider.  Therefore, Taed opened it up and found, get this, a bug.  Honest to goodness.  It looked like a large mosquito.  But there it was in the iPod.

Off we went to Target or Fry’s to get iPod Number 3.  By Number 3 there had been a significant design change. First, there was no longer a USB plug on the end so it couldn’t be used with the little cheapish speakers I’d gotten from Fry’s.  It was square.  It needed to be docked.  It also hated any form of liquid.  I can’t remember if it was exposed to rain or my sweat or both.  However, it, too, died.

Mind you.  By now the biggest pain with replacement is having to reload the damned thing with music.  I don’t “do” play lists.  Instead I add anything and everything of interest.  Therefore, I have to sort back through stuff and make judgment calls.  It’s a pain.

Number 4 was a bright pink breast cancer awareness iPod shuffle.  I had noted that it was getting quite touchy about how it was touched.  I would go to turn up the volume, and it would assume I wanted to pause the music.  I would go to clip it on my shirt and it would assume I wanted to turn it off.  I would go to skip a song and it would assume either pause or turn off.  Obviously it had gotten tired of me pushing its buttons.  Then yesterday it would start a song, then stop.  I’d push play again.  It would start, then 5 seconds later, stop.  I realized quickly that this was no way to listen to music, exercise, or deal with electronics.  So…

I’m onto Number 5.  At this point Taed thinks I should just get the cheap $5 MP3 players from Fry’s (or anywhere).  Thing is, now I’m a convert.  I WANT the iToy (whatever it happens to be).  I have an iPod shuffle that I had gotten for Keb. The problem is, the “control” is on the head phone.  The head phone, unfortunately, is a pair of the Apple-white ear buds.  NO.THANK.YOU.  I sucked it up yesterday, but that sh*t’s gotta stop.  I was very used to using my over-the-ear regular head set. Since Keb prefers CDs, I think I’ll take his.  However, now this necessitates a trip to Fry’s to find the adapter piece with the “control” on it so I can use “real” head phones.

I probably only have a year with the new iPod.  I believe Taed is right, I might need to find a new solution.  However, whether that means cheaper (MP3) or more expensive (actual iPod Nano or other iToy), I can’t say.  I just know that way deep down where I don’t want to admit it, I want my iToy (think I want my MTV or the Dire Straights song “Money for Nothing”).

I guess this means I no longer consider Steve Jobs to be Satan’s Schlub.


2 thoughts on “Another One Bites the Dust

  1. andrea says:

    Try the sandisk sansa. They are super cheap through costco and work great. As a bonus, they usually come with a voice recorder, which can be a helpful gadget.

  2. Suzanne says:


    Thanks for the tip. I’ll keep that in mind. Right now, since Keb doesn’t want his iPod, I’m going to use it. However, you’re right that I could go with a super cheap option that works just as well. I appreciate the sage council.

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