Jaycee Dugard

[I should rename this blog: Making Hamburger out of the Sacred Cows I Slaughter or something of that ilk only slightly less cumbersome.]

This case, is, of course, tragic.  It’s one missed opportunity after another.  However, I, for one, am TIRED of hearing about “who saved Jaycee Dugard.” Uhm, HEL-LO, none of you did.  After reading article upon article, it’s pretty clear that Phillip Garrido’s weird actions saved Jaycee Dugard.  After all, he shows up at his probation officer’s office with his wife, Jaycee, and the kids.  Let’s make this clear, if he HAD NOT taken Jaycee and the girls to his probation meeting, it’s not very likely (given all the previous mistakes with him) that Jaycee would have been discovered and released.

While it’s true that the security guards thought his behavior was all odd, it’s not like they grabbed Jacyee and the girls from Phillip Garrido and took them to a safe house.  No, they called it in, and then a probation meeting was set.  Garrido could very well have showed up alone, giving his song and dance as he had before. Because he brought Jaycee and her kids, for once, Jaycee was in public, away from the house in Antioch, and removed from Phillip Garrido.  It was more possible for her to be saved or to get away.

The world may never know what kind of special crazy was going through Phillip Garrido that day.  We can only be thankful.  If he hadn’t decided to “prove” he had changed, Jaycee Dugard would probably still be living in a shanty-town in backyard Antioch, and the police would still be “looking” for her.


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