Keb Bed

For the longest time, Keb (our son) slept in our bedroom.  This image usually freaks people out.  After all, two “normal” adults with a kid sleeping in the room…  Gotta be something wrong there, right?  Wrong.

Our room is a master suite the size of a hotel room.  There’s a good amount of space to share.  As such, because Keb was sleeping in there, I didn’t just want him on the floor.  I don’t know about you, but somehow the headline, “Mom Kills Son By Stepping on Him” wasn’t on my bucket list. Therefore, I bought a bed from IKEA.  When you see the picture, you’ll note the parent bed is not in the picture.

Which means, that even though Keb had a bed in his room, he slept in our room on the IKEA bed.  I figured he’d still be there when he was 18.  But you know, people say appreciate them while they’re little ’cause you’ll never get this time back.  [eye roll]. Honestly, I figured we’d be heading to college with him or something.  However, after Cassie’s visit around the holidays, something interesting happened.

Keb moved into his bedroom to sleep.  At first he said it was just for a day, then for a week, or until he figured out if he liked it.  It’s been around 7 months since then, and the bed was just sitting there, unmade per the last time he slept there (when Grandma Nelson came to visit).  So I cleaned up the area (a small job in and of itself), turned it around, and made a small shrine to Keb.  It has his baby blankets, his “lovies”, and his dog from Diane.

It’s sweet to look at.  I doubt we’ll ever use it as a “couch” or day bed.  Perhaps we’ll put it into the computer room for guest use.  However, for now, it’s a Keb bed.

Keb's bed in our room.

As long as I was cleaning, I straightened our bookshelf. I made the top "pretty." (cluttered)


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