I’m Vindicated #2

Ah the sweet smell of people agreeing with you. Seriously, I don’t get why Rush was addicted to whatever, because he’s preaching to the choir daily and they are SO buying what he’s selling.  That’s gotta be nice.  But, obviously, I digress.

There is a New York Times article floating around (taken from MyDigitialFC), sure to be debunked by those who don’t agree with its “findings”, that says that giving low-income students a computer doesn’t diminish the achievement gap between lower and higher income students.  I know, you’re stunned.  In fact, the title said it all, “Educational Hope versus Teenage Reality.”

Apparently, giving a teenager a computer generally leads to that teenager using the computer to…wait for it… PLAY GAMES.  GASP!  NO!  Again, how many of us are completely underwhelmed with the complete obviousness of this?  I mean, HEL-LO, we MANDATE education.  Do you know what that means?  That means if we didn’t FORCE kids to show up, a lot just WOULDN’T. Furthermore, their own parents wouldn’t bother sending them (You should attend an attendance hearing sometime.  They are PAINFUL.), save for those of us who “believe” in education.

The findings weren’t a lot different at schools.  Apparently the students, smart monkeys that they are, were incredibly adept at finding “solutions” to being locked out of their favorite applications.  While the teachers “planned” for the students to “research” WHAT-EVER, the students were merely “playing” at doing that, while jumping between screens and applications.  Let’s be honest, when it comes to being one step ahead of an adult, ESPECIALLY with technology, the kids are LIGHT YEARS beyond us. Which supports the one finding that was positive, all of the students became more adept at technology.  Not using it for academic purposes, but using it.  Yeah us.

I’m still not sure that pouring money into technology has been the brightest idea.  That this would be the great educational hope is silly.  I mean, we are wary of teachers who show too many movies and we certainly wouldn’t feel comfortable with kids watching TV at school.  Even these technologies could only do so much. So here we are, God only knows how many millions lost and poured into technology, and the one question we’re all too afraid to ask ourselves is, “What did we get for it?”

Now for fair and balanced, there is an article that says teachers don’t know how to use technology well in the classroom.  I save that for another day. 🙂  In part because it doesn’t VINDICATE ME.


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