Untitled 7/10

I got tired of waiting,
waiting for you

I got tired of waiting
for you to figure out
what you want to do

I got tired of being pushed aside
for friends who weren’t true

I got tired of being the one
you always returned to

I got tired of hearing,
hearing just how great you are

How depressed you are
when you are not the star

How things couldn’t run
if you weren’t there

How lucky we are
that you’re the only
one who cares

I got tired of trying,
trying to help you out

Tired of listening,
listening to you complain,
cry and pout

Tired of giving suggestions
I know you’ll never take

Hard to believe
you hate people who
are fake

It’s gotten harder
and harder to accept the
company that you keep

To see you so eager to
fit in, you become
one of the sheep

I’m hurt that your ego
is the most important

I’m saddened at the heartbreak
that all of this will

It’s hard to believe I
thought this would never

It’s hard to believe
you were once
more than my friend


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