I’ve Been Vindicated!

NPR recently interviewed UCLA business professor Samuel Culbert who has stated that the annual performance review is “..dishonest and fraudulent. And second, they’re just plain bad management.”  Ha!  That’s what I’ve been saying all along.  His position is that companies (managers/bosses) have ALREADY decided what, if anything, they are willing to offer an employee as a raise.  Therefore, they work backward to create the evaluation that matches what they’ve already determined.  It’s not about REWARDING the employee for hard work and loyalty, it’s about working within preconceived parameters of payment.

This apparently sprung from an article he wrote for the Wall Street Journal wherein he outlines seven reasons why this system is just ignorant and backwards.  It’s as if I wrote it, only I’m not a business professor.  That just makes me smile.

So, really, why is this important?  Because we, as teachers, are constantly being hounded to give in to an evaluation process of “meritocracy”.  We would be paid based on our “merits”.  Yep, the same ones used not to pay you what you’re worth.  Look, I already make less than market value for my alleged degree, don’t insult me on top of it. If this was such a good system, you would be wanting this to REWARD teachers, not punish us. And trust me, you want teacher punished.

The latest is to pay teachers for test scores.  Yet, Mr. Culbert dictates that pay for  play or using a narrowly defined  metric will only backfire.  I’m not sure you noticed it, but schools are in crisis right now.  Adding insult to injury is enough to make educated, capable and talented people find jobs in OTHER professions.  If children are our future, why is there a desire to drag them down lower through an antiquated reward system.

Do me a favor, read both articles.  Then, if you truly disagree, if you’ve NEVER ONCE been jerked around in the manner described, I will take you out for a drink of your choice and let you convince me I’m wrong.  If you’re successful, I’ll buy you dinner and dessert.


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