Country Song

Was a beautiful day
The sun was shining bright
when you handed me my list
made last night

My honeydew list
Yes, my honeydew list
Honey do this for a little kiss

You played Farmville
You yelled at the kids
You dissected everything wrong
That I did

My Honeydew list
I hate my honeydew list
With lists like this why bother
to kiss?

I mowed the lawn
Carried the garbage out
Folded the laundry
When I heard you shout

About my honeydew list
I wasn’t following
my honeydew list

On my honeydew list
was something that I missed

Cleaning out your car
Took it to be washed
You want another ring
Nevermind about the cost

My honeydew list,
Yes, my honeydew list,
My honeydew list
is getting me pissed

Crawled into bed
looking for some loving
But all I got was
some shoving

Because of my honeydew list
Yes, my  honeydew list
There will be no kiss
without completion of the list

So off to the couch
I did go
My temper started burning
Steady and slow

I made my honeydew list
Gonna save me from this mess
Leave your grasp and I
ain’t coming back

Years on down
I’m happy as can be
But you, my dear, are on
Husband number 3

Death by honeydew list
Beat it with my fist

Life it too brief
To have a commander-wife-in-chief


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