My Favorite Mistake

…not just a Sheryl Crow song; although I think her favorite mistake will ALWAYS trump mine. 😛

I don’t know that angering a principal and being asked to leave a position should be a favorite mistake, but a whole lot of good happened because of it.

I ended up at Olinder. That started out bad and made me wonder what the hell I was thinking. However, I loved a lot of the people I met. I adored the office staff. I felt my principal had an idea of where to go, but wasn’t sure how to get there. Things went wrong there too. Someone left and I was blamed. Teachable and learning moment.

However, I got Carol and Lynette. I got to teach some really, really cool kids. I learned that 4th graders rock. I got to loop up with my students to 5th grade. I was voted “teacher of the year”. I made friends I still see, even though I changed schools. They are no longer colleagues, they are friends. A couple have become family.

I’ll never love the feeling of everyone knowing I was going to be asked not to return. However, I’ll never hate that person for forcing me into change. I don’t think I’d be as open, capable, or willing to collaborate had I stayed where I was.

As Mary J. Blige sings, “Wasn’t afraid to change cause it was good for me.”


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