Lindsay Lohan

OK, I lied with the George Michael thing.  I LOVE train wrecks.  I can’t look away, and I bring popcorn to eat,  plus stuff to roast over the flames in case it “goes long”.

Apparently she’s “freaking out” and “her life is on hold” while she serves jail time.  Girl, that’s going to give you some street cred. Plus a rash, and a really, really nasty drug habit.  At least you’ll learn how to deal drugs, so you’ll come out with some sort of “career technical” ability.  Oh, and you could learn to knit ala Martha Stewart. Plus, you don’t have a life. But really, freaking out?  C’mon.  You’re not really freaking out until you shave your head in public like Brittney.  I think you’re faking it.  Oh, I get it — you’re ACTING.  Huh, how ’bout that?

However, for all law-abiding peons everywhere, I say, “Neener-Neener!” Shut up and suck it up.


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