Jobs I’ve Had

I just realized in talking about working at the main library that this particular job had prepared me for dealing with street people.  I actually don’t feel guilt or concern for the homeless people.  There are many social safety net programs in place, so I know that many of these people COULD be getting help.  However, many are unwilling.  I pay my taxes, and we give to various charitable organizations, so truthfully I’m not giving anything more.  Especially to someone wearing better kicks than I have.

It got me to thinking about every weird little job I’ve had.  Which means, of course, another list. 🙂

  1. Babysitting — a summer gig
  2. Iowa State Fair — ice cream (10 days)
  3. Public Library of Des Moines — page (5 years)
  4. Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company — various positions (summers 85-90; 1.5 years)
  5. Egg Shell — clerk (9 months?)
  6. Dairy Queen — ice cream (seasonal work/summer job)
  7. Ovens of Brittany — counter help/baker (6-9 months)
  8. WHEDA (Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Association/Agency) — microfilm technician (1.5 years)
  9. IDEMA (International Disk Drive Equipment & Materials Association) — receptionist, editor, web manager, Jill of all trades (5 years)
  10. Various Temporary Jobs — Kelly Services come to mind (off and on 2 years total)
  11. USA CERL — United States Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratory — accounting (6 months)
  12. Christie Clinic — receptionist (6 months)
  13. San Jose Unified School District — substitute and then teacher (10+ years)

Finally!  Job 13 is a job that I can actually keep. 🙂  There’s a lot of seasonal and 6 month gigs up there.  Needless to say, I’ve done a little bit of everything.


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