Wasting Time

Well, June was a bust.  It essentially was: get out of school; clean room; go to class for a week; plan for a few days; organize pool party; waste a week with Keb; go to conference; return and waste time.  I honestly think I blew something like 8 weekdays doing precious little.  This s*it has GOT.TO.STOP.  As I see it, August 11th will be here IMMEDIATELY and I won’t have anything to show for it.

I guess that means using blog space as an almighty, public to-do list.

  1. Return stuff that’s in pile in the bedroom.  This includes Macy’s, mail order, and Sears (for Lands End).
  2. Clean rest of bedroom so it doesn’t look like hurricane hit it.
  3. Take stuff to Goodwill.
  4. While at Goodwill, look for bed sheets to use as table clothes (or even actual table clothes) at school.  See if there are cheap, plastic place mats for kids to sit on.
  5. Take new baskets to school and reorganize classroom library.
  6. Begin setting up classroom.
  7. Continue copying Language Arts and Math materials from The Mailbox and Teacher’s Helper so these can be stored away from the classroom.
  8. Combine, integrate and evaluate pacing calendars into one document.
  9. Complete paperwork for reimbursement from Sacramento trip.
  10. Get TB test administered, read, and results turned into DO.
  11. Work on science labs and GLAD aspects of science curriculum.
  12. Determine read-alouds and align them to genres the students need to be familiar with.
  13. Make routing sheets for supplementary materials students need to read.
  14. Develop and maintain new library check-out system.
  15. Brainstorm ideas to align with Medical Careers Pathway Academy.
  16. Deep clean the house.
  17. Get garage cleaned out again.
  18. Determine supply list for next year, review stocks, and replenish per store advertisements.
  19. Clean out Keb’s closet and purge clothing.
  20. Develop and design middle school orientation morning.  Put together materials as needed.
  21. Discuss adding service learning credit to grades, coordinate scheduling of students into classrooms/activities for credit.
  22. Develop fund-raising activities for middle school events.
  23. Take a weekend and go to Monterrey or another location for fun.
  24. See Toy Story 3 with family BEFORE it leaves the theatre.
  25. Pull together upper grade reading list, compile cost, then go to DonorsChoose.com to ask for funding.
  26. Determine field trips for the year and schedule them.
  27. Meet with middle school team to go over “enrichment” activities — where, when, materials, costs, help, etc.
  28. Email Neil & talk to other school personnel about using art room for ceramics activities
  29. Purchase theatre materials for school.
  30. Contact RAFT about what is needed to put together a LATE night at the school; same with KLUTZ.
  31. Purge bedding and replenish as needed.
  32. Clean closet in computer room.
  33. Do a half-year taxes review and collection.
  34. Research elliptical trainers, look into PlayItAgainSports and Craig’s List for gently used items.
  35. Go through Keb’s books and send gently loved books to Cassie and Michele as seed starters for their little one’s libraries.
  36. Try to fit in DM in early August if possible.
  37. Schedule some day trips for Keb or camps.
  38. Clean out and organize under the kitchen sink.
  39. Find 5-7 “go to” quick dinners for during the school year.
  40. Clean up front garden area some more, planting various pots to see if they’ll grow.  If not, add petunias or something with color.

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