Impressive Design

I saw the best designed lid EVER this morning.  We went to McDonald’s after my Kaiser visit (eyes and aborted TB test).  Keb grabbed McGriddles, hash browns, and chocolate milk.  I got a salad (no chicken before 10:30. Weird) and a fruit and yogurt parfait.  The lid on the parfait was so well designed I had to stop and analyze it.  There was a pull tab, with a hole in it for the spoon, and the granola bag had a slit on it to slide onto the tab. Essentially the granola was slid onto the slot, then a spoon was placed into the slot to keep it all together.  It was so ingenious that I’m still pleased with having seen it.  It’s like the first time I watched the iPhone reorient its screen from portrait to landscape.  I wanted to giggle or grab the inventor and hug him/her.  It was that awe-inspiring.

Mind you, that was the only awe-inspiring moment at McDonald’s this morning.  After I consumed my plastic encased meal, I was actually depressed to note that there were no recycle bins.  Sexy new packaging –yes.  Sexy new green environmentally friendly disposal — no. Maybe the next time, huh?


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