Biting the Hand that Feeds Me

Otherwise known as don’t sh*t where you eat.

I recently attended an educational conference in Sacramento, CA.  By now, through this blog, you’ve probably gotten a fairly clear picture of teacher complaints against students.  We tend to think the world is going to hell in a hand-basket and our students are the hounds handing us our fast pass to the gates.

That may be true.

However, I have to say that I have a lot of complaints against the educators.  In session after session with the industry professionals, the idea of professionalism was repeated ad nauseum.  The medical professionals we were meeting with harped on the idea that professionalism IS NOT JUST THE WAY YOU DRESS.  IT IS HOW YOU CONDUCT YOURSELF. The number one complaint?  You got it!  Cell phones.  They could not emphasize enough the importance of putting away the cell phone because YOU HAVE A JOB TO DO.

Which makes the  irony of this next part even more delicious.  The educators COULD NOT KEEP THEIR DAMNED HANDS OFF OF THEIR ELECTRONIC TOYS TO SAVE THEIR LIVES. Of course they tried to play it cool by keeping the phones below the table-cloth near their legs, but really who’s fooling who here?  They were thumb-jockeying with the best of them.  The iPhones were out in full-force as texts were bouncing back and forth, games were played, and keynote speakers were ignored.  There was a lot of thankfulness for WiFi, and annoyance at being bounced off.

I just want to point out that, IF ignoring the speaker is rude, then it shouldn’t be done regardless of the situation.  As Miss Manners points out, would you have pulled out a magazine or read the paper?  If not, put away the electronic toy. And, just because I’ve found some soft flesh and I’m holding the knife, I’m wondering what any one of these professionals would have said or done if their students had pulled the same stunt?  More-so, how would they have justified it to their students if their lack of professionalism had been witnessed?


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