In defense of my vice: Diet Coke

Milo and Diet Coke

I can say this easily, I am addicted to Diet Soda. At first it was Diet Coke. Then, after a bout of pneumonia, it was Diet Pepsi. Yes, I know that's insane. Trust me, I had the same question — what, really, is the difference? I have no clue. Now, I buy whatever is cheapest. Still…

I got "hooked" on Diet Soda in the late 80s or early 90s. I've made mention on many occasions how I was often the heaviest person in the room. This is before obesity became epidemic. While I can't say that drinking soda got me there, it obviously wasn't doing me any favors in the ever-expanding saddlebag department. The wife of someone Dad knew said she'd lost 50 pounds when she stopped drinking soda. Well, that was something to consider.

Mind you, I missed the part where, I'm assuming, she STOPPED drinking soda. I merely moved from regular to diet. And in the beginning, it was probably enough. I may not have lost weight, but I don't think I was putting it on either. That's because I HATED the taste. I could nurse a diet soda for HOURS.

Then, however, I got used to the taste. Maybe it was working at a bakery and having LOTS of access to soda. Maybe it was cheap soda at the place I worked. Maybe it was just something to do. I can't really say HOW it happened, but it did. Now, a good 20 years into it, I can say that I am 100% hooked.

Reasons to quit are many and all valid. It's expensive for starters. I'm sure it's more expensive than gas per gallon. It's immature (I mean, really, who drinks soda when everyone else is drinking coffee or tea). It's full of artificial sweeteners so it can't be healthy. Add to that the sodium and caffeine… Well, it's all bad, huh?

Yet, despite all my good and valid reasons for quitting this bad, bad habit, I have to say, I don't want to.

I guess that's going to be the first step. Wanting to give up the bad habit. Sounds like a summer goal. 🙂


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