The 7 Dwarfs — Give or Take

A long, long time ago at a PI school far, far away lived a bunch of dwarfs whose job it was to improve the school.

  • Dopey — our RT dwarf for whom every thing was Jackie O. dresses and pearls with no direct contact with the children.  Just saying, if she was our last, best hope, we were bound to fail.  Not only that, the first graders wouldn’t follow her directions.  FIRST graders.  If you can’t get them to love you, well..
  • Happy — our esteemed leader, we called him Happy because he seemed gay — all perfect suits and hair.  Style over substance you know.
  • Sleepy — our district office assigned project leader.  We THINK he had narcolepsy.  Either that or we were really, really boring.
  • Doc — the poor outside contractor assigned to move the school forward.  She had no knowledge either about prescribing the right tools or methods to make it work.
  • Grumpy — the rest of the staff

You know why?  Because when you’re being led by Dopey, Happy, Doc and  Sleepy, you are bound to be Grumpy!


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