They’re No Longer “Infomercials”

…they are “paid programming!”  This morning I went round with the flipper to check out the variety of “paid programming” shows.  I found that, what I once thought was an American phenomenon, is still an American phenomenon; however, now many programs are being made strictly in Spanish for our Mexican-American population.  Nothing says assimilation quite like getting sucked into a half-hour commercial, whipping out your card (debit or credit) and buying to your heart’s content.

Since I decided that I should do more than flip and watch, I decided to turn this into “research”.  Sure the scope was limited (whatever I could find in a half-hour), and I’m sure I left out some favorites (Proactive anyone?  I tried that one.), but I think you’ll find the results… resulty. 🙂


  • P90X
  • The Wave by The Firm
  • Slim in 6
  • Total Gym


  • UltraPlus
  • Papalea
  • Supple Beverages


  • Meaningful Beauty
  • Crema de ConchaNacar
  • Youthology
  • Olay ProX
  • Eternelle
  • Resurgence
  • Lifestyle Lift
  • Barelifts

Products & Household Things

  • Sleep Number Bed
  • Shark Steam, Clean & Sanitize
  • Work GT (trimmer)
  • Floor Mate
  • Ninja Master Prep
  • Bose Cinnasomethingoranother
  • Backjoy
  • X-Press Redi, Set, Go
  • La Bullet Express (Magic Bullet for your gringos/gringas)

There is nothing to conclude, but that there is little on TV on a Saturday morning; that bored people will find ways to entertain themselves; and that, if I had money to burn, I’d have a house full of this crap.  They are very persuasive — especially in Spanish.


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