Shaun White

In March, there was an interview in Rolling Stone Magazine with Shaun White.  I knew little or nothing about him, so I read the article.  He seems like a good enough guy, I mean, for a young ‘un.  But then the little b*astard did something pretty unconscionable.  He subjected me to some really, really crappy mojo.

In the article he describes getting into the van to go to the Olympics.  Apparently whoever rode shotgun got to control the music.  I can’t remember the athlete, but apparently he played Miley Cyrus EVERY day. [Inference: Shaun runs late.]  Shaun talks about being completely bummed out by having to listen to Party in the U.S.A.  I thought that was HYSTERICAL.  Sure, I felt sorry for him because his musical tastes run towards Led Zeppelin and T-Rex, but as far as strategy went, it was pretty brilliant.  I sympathized, but still thought it was funny. Until it happened to me.

I swear on everything that is good and holy that EVERY SINGLE DAY since then I have heard a Miley Cyrus song.  Sure, it’s on the radio and I can flip the channel, but still.  Every day?  Since March?  What did I ever do to him?  Hell, there’s even a Jazzercise routine (“…put your hands up”).  Sigh.

I hope like hell he can live with himself for doing this.  I wonder how many other readers were hexed by his bad mojo?  Maybe we could start a class-action suit.


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