When I first moved in with Taed, I had attempted to make a Faustian bargain.  If he would do all of the laundry, I would do everything else.  He, at first, agreed to it.  Then he discovered my definition of laundry.  To him laundry consisted of the clothes being thrown (partially sorted by darks and lights) into the washer, then into the dryer, and then into a hamper so that they would slowly but surely compress into one big cloth pile of whose age would be determined by that which was on the bottom of the pile.  Since my definition of laundry was sorted (whites, brights, darks, and towels/bedding), washed, dried, folded or hung, and put away, all bets were off.

In the beginning we each easily had 30 pairs of underwear.  It was not unusual for me to go shopping rather than wash clothes.  A large part of the issue was my all-or-nothing mentality.  I felt that ALL the laundry needed to be done; otherwise, why bother.  This led to actually taking about 3 days off a year simply to contend with laundry.  We had four washers in our apartment complex and I needed them all (times 2 sometimes). When it got really bad (like when Keb was born), the car was loaded, driven next door, and done at the laundromat.  [Note: I am still forever grateful to Taed, Barbara (my mother-in-law) and Damon for taking all of our laundry after Keb was born.]

Once we had Keb, it became more important to get laundry done, and since I was working part-time, it was generally kept up.  However, all that changed when we moved into our own house.  Since then I have turned into my mother.  I am, put bluntly, a laundry Nazi.

First of all, I now sort by whites, brights, blues, darks, and greys/greens (since we have so many).  I wash towels and bedding separately.  I dry on medium at best and make sure things are dried flat.  I air dry all jeans, not to save shape but to save money.  The dryer runs a really long time with jeans, which I think wastes energy.  I try to get my clothes out of the dryer immediately to fold or hang them up.  I prefer to run one load after another to capitalize on residual dryer heat. I also prefer to run the largest loads possible (Yes, I will try to take clothes from your body just to add to my load!).

Now we are at the point where we’re going to teach Keb to wash clothes.  I wonder what he will make of all my “rules” about washing clothes.  I wonder if he, too, will run water first, add detergent (making sure it’s always dissolved), then add clothes (making sure not to overload) and then extend the spin because it shortens the drying time.  I suspect, however, he’ll throw everything together, wash on hot, and throw it into a hot dryer.

I just hope he ruins his stuff and not mine!


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