Love Note to California (NOT)

Look, I like it here.  In fact, I generally love it.  The weather is nice most of the year, there’s a lot to do, and I love the variety of places to go (beach, ocean, desert, mountains).   I love the natural beauty of the state.  I love that I can get to San Francisco on a train, and that the public transportation is WONDERFUL.  I love the (mostly) big FAT lanes to drive in.  I love how clean it is, and the proliferation of parks.  I love how I can have American diner for breakfast, Thai for lunch, and Japanese for dinner, and it’s all authentic and delicious.

But what I don’t love, I really don’t love.  Here’s what I DON’T love about California.

  • WTF is up with your educational system? I can’t even begin to address the outrage I have against what Californians have done to their educational system.  Suffice to say you want low taxes and world-class education?  Oxymoron, moron.
  • The passing of an amendment against gay marriage.
  • The ignorance most people have about California’s own role in the agricultural community of America.  Most have missed  the fact that California is THE NUMBER ONE (1.  YES, WE ARE NUMBER ONE!!!) food and agricultural producer in the United States, which is really pitiful.
  • The ignorance shown to the rest of the United States.
  • The fact that you think you’re liberal, when clearly, you’re not.  After all, you gave us Nixon, Reagan, and Arnold.  Remove the Bay Area and the LA area, and you have Illinois.
  • The fact that I have MORE people complaining about the lack of RELIGION in the schools here than ANYWHERE I’ve ever lived.
  • Going on and on about how diverse California is, yet hating any non-Christian desire not to celebrate Christmas.  NICE.
  • Costly elections.  Costly RECALL elections.  That accomplish nothing.  NICE.
  • On-going freeway projects rather than really, really good and effective public transportation.

I’m sure there’s more, but I can’t remember.  Which is good because I live here and I need to accept my new state warts and all.


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