5 Pets, 5 Kids

As I stated in an earlier post, my mom seems to have acquired a pet for each one of us.  Lance was a reminder of my dad.  And the current family of 5 are clearly her 5 children.  Yes, it’s true that my mother only has 4 biological children; however, we’re a family of strange over-achievers and she’s managed to make one of her grandchildren a child.  She’s good!

By the way, this is all meant in good fun.  Any insult you take away was not really intended.  If I wanted to, pardon the pun, dog you, I’d do it in another manner.

I present THE GIRLS and Quincy.

  • Sugar.  This is her Jack Russell terrier.  That thing is pure Cat in the Hat, Dr. Seuss.  It’s all look at me, look at me, look at me now, it’s fun to have fun but you have to know how.  The dog is hyper, needs LOADS of attention, licks stuff, wants to be on your lap, and chases squirrels.  It appears to just be on the move 24/7.  It LOVES Mom and needs to be the center of her universe.  I feel that, for all the work one has to put into this animal, she is the canine copy of my sister Chris.  High maintenance, hyper, and needy.
  • Angel.  This is Mom’s rat terrier.  This is the shy, please love me and accept me dog.  She lives in the shadow of her hyper sister, but hopes that she’s accepted and loved for being good.  She tries really hard to be a good dog.  She is the canine copy of Tiphany Anne.
  • Quincy.  He’s Mom’s Siamese cross-eyed spoiled brat of a cat.  He’s also the only male.  He is Michael.  He is loved despite his being incredibly useless and annoying.
  • Mandy.  She is a Maine Coon (I believe).  She wants to be an only child.  She doesn’t like company.  She prefers solitude.  She’s not really comfortable around the rest of the family.  She is the kitty equivalent to Paul.
  • Stevie Bob.  This was the last one acquired.  The one she shouldn’t have because there are rules and regulations about how many pets you can own.  She’s the bossy, rebellious one.  She tends to act like she couldn’t give a rat’s asterisk less.  She is me.

Your assignment: check your parent’s pets.  Did they find a way to replace you with a more loving, kind furry version?


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