Laws I’d Like To See Passed

…in no particular order.

  1. Before you can propose a new law, the books must be scoured to make sure no variation of that law already exists.
  2. Laws can have amendments rather than working on new laws.
  3. Laws may only have ONE law per law.  No bundling of laws, rules, or regulations.  Plural laws will refer to ALL of them, not the number in one AB or SB or whatever comes before the number.
  4. Budgets will go from being yearly to being every 3-5 years allowing for shifts and changes (ebbs and flows) in the economy, time, and resources. Advisory committees (freed from having to develop new laws or pander to the lowest common denominator) will do monthly oversight of the accounts to make sure the budget is accurate, being spent wisely, and on target to fulfill its intention.
  5. For every new law proposed and passed, two old laws are removed from the books.
  6. Greed, which results in the tanking of the US economy, will be treated as treason.  Firing squads and public executions will be reinstated for such crimes.
  7. There will be a tit-for-tat provision in all laws regarding medical assistance to the sexes. If Viagra is legally covered, than so shall birth control.  If testicular and prostrate cancer are covered, so shall breast cancer.
  8. Representatives and senators will no longer be called “law-makers”.  They, instead, will have to find a new schtick.

I think that’s it for now.  It will never happen, but it makes me happy to think that we could change our way of thinking and operating.


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