Keb’s Report Card

We received Keb’s report card this morning.  Since he had a performance yesterday, I’m sure giving it to us was not uppermost on his mind.  We don’t have letter grades.  Instead a rubric of 1-4 is used.  One is below standard; two is approaching standard; three is meeting standard; and 4 is exceeds standard.  The effort rubric is: S — demonstrates strength; M — meets expectations; I — improving; and U — unsatisfactory. The breakdown is:

  • Math: 3s & 4s.  The 3s are generally for timed tests and careful calculation.  We see this at home, too.  His effort is S.
  • Language Arts Reading: All 4s save for one 3.  His effort was S.
  • Language Arts Writing: 2s and 3s.  He could be better. The same problems the teacher had, I had.  I would constantly have to remind him to use capitalization and end marks.  His spelling, while good when we’re just messing around, disappears IMMEDIATELY when putting pencil to paper.  He did get a 4 in writes legibly in cursive.  Effort: M.
  • Listening and Speaking: 3 and M.
  • History/Social Science: 3 and S.
  • Science: 4 and S.
  • Visual Performing Arts, Performing Arts, and Physical Education: S
  • Lifelong Learning Skills are mostly S and M, save for an I in uses time wisely to complete class assignments and a U in demonstrates self-control.

It’s a damned good report card.  He has a lot to be proud of.  Mind you, I give a lot of credit to Taed.  So does the teacher.  Here’s her note.

Keb was a wonderfully unique teaching experience for me and I will be sad to see him go.  His brilliant mind never ceased to entertain us all.  He showed marked improvement in all areas of the curriculum and won the prize for most improved reading in our class in AR.  Dad, you have been a gem.  There were so many times when you showed up in the morning and “saved the day” by fixing something for us.  I will miss you as well.  To all of your family, enjoy and relax now and have a great pool party!

Subtext: Your mom, even though she’s a teacher, sucks. 🙂


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