Caller ID

As I was playing flip, I ran across an “I Love the 90s” on VH1.  They were at the point where they were discussing caller ID.  I had completely blanked on caller ID as a phenomenon.  I guess because, surprise, surprise, we don’t have it.  I’m probably one of the only people left in the United States with both a land line and no caller ID.  I have NO IDEA who’s calling.  It’s kind of like a little daily surprise.  Sure we have annoying solicitors calling.  We also have Keb’s friends, my family, and various charities calling as well.  It’s always a crap shoot as to which one we’ll get. Because I don’t have caller ID at home, I actually don’t pay attention to it on my cell phone.  Sometimes I remember to look at the screen, but usually I’m so busy trying to pick up the call in time, I don’t actually have time to look.  That’s OK too. I kind of like it.  In a world of technological predictability, it’s nice having a little something you don’t know.

BTW, Men in Work — “Who Can It Be Now” doesn’t hold up under current caller ID rules and regulations.  Nor does “Jenny 867-5309”.  In fact, I think harassment and stalking laws apply for that one.  Although, I admit to wanting it as a phone number.  NO ONE could claim to forget it. 🙂


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