Feast or Famine

Before we bought our house we lived in an apartment very near a busy intersection in Santa Clara.  As such, there was A LOT within walking distance to home.  One of those amenities was the local grocery store.  Now I’m not a HUGE fan of Lucky’s (Albertson’s, Lucky’s again) but it was close, which made it easy to pop over to pick up stuff as needed.

Now our townhouse is VERY NICELY located, but there isn’t as much in as close or easy distance as before.  There certainly isn’t really a grocery store within quick walking distance.  There still won’t be.  In the early stages, there was Trader Joe’s and a Pac and Save.  Neither completely floats my boat.  There was also a Target — not a SUPER Target — just a Target.  It was good for processed, dry goods but not much more.

Now, however, Target has revamped itself.  It’s still not a SUPER Target, but the frozen and fresh areas have been expanded.  Their prices on broth, soup, cereal and bread can’t be beat.  That was our first improvement.

Then they tore down the Pac and Save.  Now it’s going to be a Safeway.  From the looks of the construction, it’s going to be BIG.  However, it’s not built so I can’t shop my Safeway imagination.

The BEST part lately was the opening of Sprouts.  It’s not as expensive or as expansive as Whole Foods, it’s closer than other grocery stores,  it has more offerings than Trader Joe’s (thank you for the spices!), and groceries are seemingly decent priced. This may become my new favorite place to shop.  The only downside so far is the MINUSCULE carts.  Two decks but not so big.  No matter right now.  I’m pleased.

Apparently in our neighborhood, grocery shopping comes down to feast or famine.

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