Grocery Baggers

Life is interesting when it runs full circle.  When I was a child (Contrary to what scientists will tell you, DINOSAURS did rule the earth. LOL) we got our groceries in paper bags.  Of course, no handles.  Those, apparently, were reserved for upscale markets or department stores.  In those days, your bagger sorted the grocery items and actually made every attempt to protect your food.  Cans on the bottom, lighter items on top, made sure you could carry the bag.  That kind of stuff. Then came the age of the plastic bag.  I swear upon all that is good and decent, I hated them.  Not in small part because the baggers just threw groceries every which way — cans, bottles, egg carton in a bag of its own, bruised bananas, etc. Now, we’re back, sort of, to paper or reusable bags. However, the baggers…

Obviously I’m anal about this stuff.  Seriously, who else at 6:00 on a Saturday morning would be lamenting the lost art of grocery bagging.  Yet, I do. Now, when I take my reusable bags (I have about 12), I get really annoyed that the baggers are just THROWING the groceries into the bags without thought — smashing food and using too many bags in the process.  In most cases, I offer to bag myself.  In others I dictate (yes, I’m the hated customer.  I may as well be paying in pennies) the process.  I will rebag in front of the clerk. I can’t see why it’s so hard to do this well.

I find it interesting that I work very hard to teach my students the value of doing their best.  I teach them how small acts make someone’s day.  I emphasize the importance of finding joy in work and not just taking the easy way out.  Then I encounter people who clearly DID NOT LEARN THIS LESSON.  Everyone says, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” but in my mind, the devil is in the details and I DO NOT LIKE SMASHED STRAWBERRIES.

Sigh…  I suspect this is why Prozac exists.


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