“Truth” fascinates me. It is easily the most manipulated, misused,  and misunderstood idea we have.  We swear we’ll tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, but…  Well, truth is slippery, shady, shadowy.  Truth is subjective.  Truth is evasive.  Truth can be incomplete.  Really, what is the truth?

When you look up truth, there are many meanings.  One being true, as in actual, as in a fact.  Then there is fidelity, as in true to someone or something.  There is consistency.  There is the idea of reality, of what REALLY happened.

Thing is, when I tell the truth, I tell it from my perspective.  I paint a picture, tell a story, weave the tale as I see it — or want it seen. We bundle truth with honesty — telling only the facts.  But my beliefs become my facts.  It’s the idea that my honor is utmost, that I won’t deceive someone or tell lies.  But what if I leave something in the shadows?  What if I imply but don’t state?  At what point did I cross from truth to lie?  Is a half-truth the same as a half-lie?

Another strand in the web is integrity.  But in my web, can I weave all of these together into a story that is true to me, but not to others?  Where does ego lie in the truth?

I have no answers, I just know that there will always be Your Story, My Story, and The Story Untold which lies somewhere between the two.  Which means, in its own weird way, everyone owns a piece of the truth. But, is that the truth?

One thought on “Truth

  1. Daisy says:

    Yes – what of a situation when your truth just doesn’t tie in with what someone else considers to be the truth? How do you decide who is telling the true version of truth, particularly if one does prefer the truth and prefers to admit wrong yet cannot find truth in what the other says.

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