Parents & Homework

…apparently I’m on a tear about homework.

I keep hearing teachers tell me that they don’t send much homework home because, the kids can’t do it on their own (won’t) and their parents can’t help them (or won’t).  The implication is that the parents are uneducated or uninterested.  That may very well be the case.  However, I’ve begun to think that this line of “excusing” is just amazingly messed up, and it’s certainly NOT helping our students succeed.

I’m actually now embarrassed for or angered by parents that won’t go that extra mile to figure out their students’ homework, especially at the elementary grades.  By throwing their hands in the air, pleading ignorance, and explaining that, “I was never a good student.” they are modeling for their children some really unattractive attributes.

Such as… don’t try. It’s OK to give up. Learned helplessness. Apathy. Resistance.

I actually feel like we should stop giving parents their “get out jail free card” and push them to LEARN to help their students.  By actually sitting down and learning what their child is learning, these parents could begin to see and feel the power that comes with education.  They, themselves, might learn things that will help them in the world and their jobs.  They might even decide to further their own educations.  In doing so they would show their children PERSISTENCE, care, the value of hard work, and success for the sake of success.

How’s that for an idea?


One thought on “Parents & Homework

  1. Dancer says:

    Sounds great to me. Helplessness certainly can be learned and reinforced – see the work of Carol Dweck. At the moment I get around the issue by getting children to come to homework club for those who struggle to do work at home and parents have been very supportive wanting their chilren to learn, but you’re right, this doesn’t model persistence.

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