Shout Out!

This goes out to Ms. Vicki.

I woke this morning to read that Ms. Vicki had sent me a note through Facebook.  I was intrigued, but at 5:20 you don’t think much.I was so THRILLED when I read her message.  The subject line: PYREX

I went the The Great Mall tonight and went to the Pyrex store. They had the Pyrex 8 cup measuring bowls on sale buy 1 get one free. Of course they only had 2. I got both and 4 high temp spatulas.
Hellooo peanut brittle.
Ms. V

You see, yesterday I was discussing that there were supplies I need for my mad science/cooking class.  Of course, I needed them last semester, but sometimes a teacher is slow on the draw.  I noted that I really love the 8-cup Pyrex bowls and wanted to make microwave peanut brittle.  Vicki said she had a great recipe and totally understood why I wanted the 8-cup “measuring cups”.  Ms. Jeanette, Ms. Vicki and Ms. Janie all clued me in on how to best ASK for supplies.  They really do run our school.

However, to put that into action was a pure  act of selfless love.  If you ever wondered why anyone would work at a school for low pay, I want you to remember this:  What Ms. Vicki did was for the students — to bring them joy and experience.  She’s not there for the pay.  Which is good, ’cause it’s pretty low.


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