Flip Flops

I’m sure this is another thing that, if I had NORMAL sized feet, would be something I “understand”.  However, I have clown feet so I don’t.

What is it, really, with wearing flip flops all the damned time? Hell, people who won’t even consider a “rubber” for their nether regions slap them on their feet 24/7.   Thing is, they really are ugly, more-so than Birkenstocks.  In order to try to make them appear office ready, there’s the new “pimping” of them to make them more attractive.  There are interchangeable straps, rhinestones, and high-end producers, all aimed at making something disposable more expensive and, seemingly, higher quality .

Thing is, they’re flip flops.  They, along with generic Keds (maybe even real ones) are bad for your feet.  How bad?  In one of those butt-ugly boots you keep seeing women in bad.  Surgery bad.  Messed up your feet for life bad.  Worse?  These people KNOW that and wear them anyway (I suspect they think they’re living life on the edge like smokers, tanning booth addicts, and alcoholics).  That, my friends, is just ignorant.  Go out and get some real shoes, G*d-damned hippies.


One thought on “Flip Flops

  1. You forgot to add:

    “And, get off of my lawn!”

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