Trader Joe’s

One of the stories I tell is in reference to Keb’s starting Kindergarten at his school.  That summer was actually HOT.  Hot enough to escape the heat by going to San Francisco where it wasn’t as hot, but it was still in the 80s.  One of the events was for the families to meet up at our park around 1:00 for the kids to play and the families to meet.  OK, who am I kidding — for the kids to play and the mommies to gossip.  There were no daddies present, nor, in the mind of the organizer would there be.

Being that it was hot like hell (between 90 and 100 degrees) AND it was the middle of the day, there weren’t many kids.  I stepped in it by suggesting that, perhaps, people were at work.  I was stared at and INFORMED, “We don’t work.  And I assume you don’t either.”  Yep, I pointed out that I was one of THOSE moms (ones who work) and that I taught.  Well hell, a full-fledged member of a leper colony would have been treated kinder.  This is why I know that people don’t really respect teachers.  They think they could do our jobs and do it better, but why leave the house for so little money.  Yep, employed, middle class, and about to admit to the cardinal sin.

My snack foods weren’t from Trader Joe’s.  Whereas I would actually give Keb Cheetos (go ahead, call CPS, I’ll wait), they were feeding their darlings food like Pirate’s Booty or gluten-free cookies.  Trader Joe’s is the BEST place to shop I was told.  Their food offerings are superior.  Mind you, I feel junk food is junk food.  And whenever I stepped into Trader Joe’s, I really only bought junk food. Needless to say, it put me off Trader Joe’s for a long time.

Flash forward four years, and my attitude and opinion are different.  Now Trader Joe’s works for me because it’s so damned close and tiny.  Honestly, you can’t spend too much time there because it’s minuscule and the food offerings are limited.  Now I run in, get Fage yogurt (BEST YOGURT EVER), meat, veggies, salad stuff, and a couple of quick meals (their orange chicken is the bomb).

That said, I now stay away from the chips, crackers, and cookies.  After all, it’s still just junk food.


2 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s

  1. Yes, junk food is still junk food. But some junk food tastes yummier than other junk food. I don’t like Pirate Booty (my kids love it), but Kettle Brand potato chips? Those kick Lay’s greasy fat ass.

    I am appalled at the treatment you received when these other mothers discovered that you work. That’s just… wrong. And you think that the scorn was even higher because you were (are) a teacher? Even more appalling.

    I recently blogged about my very brief experience as a math teacher here. It was a stressful job for me because, well, I cared about the kids, which meant I put a lot of pressure on myself to do what I could for each student. And the pay? Disgustingly low.

    One of the big eye openers for me was discovering why our educational system is so messed up. While there are bad teachers (many of them), there’s also bad administrators, bad parents, bad politicians, bad unions, bad students, bad policies, bad community organizations…. With all of the pressures that tear the education system apart, it’s amazing anyone learns anything at all.

    My hat is off to you (as always) for taking on such an important job, shitty paycheck and all. You are a hero in my eyes.

  2. Suzanne says:

    Thanks for the hero comment. I had read your experience, but didn’t want to focus on education on your blog. I, too, find the amount of “bad” in education appallingly LARGE. It *IS* amazing that anything gets accomplished. Normally I’m pretty chill with it because I generally love what I do. However, when it gets to be too much… Well, then it’s too much. Too much to fix and not a good enough plan to fix it. SUCKS big time.

    BTW, I agree that Kettle Chips are FANTABULOUS. I LOVE them. I only like Baked Lays so I can’t compare there. I just know Kettle Chips are better than Pringles and Ruffles.

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