Allergy Boy

It’s been a rough few weeks on Keb.  First we spent Christmas at his aunt and uncle’s in Antioch.  They are dog owners.  Let me interject here that *MOST* people are dog owners.   As such, Keb spends a lot of time trying to manage his asthma with limited skills and resources.  Needless to say, Christmas afternoon found Keb soon complaining about his breathing.  He was OK, but not great, and managed to make it through the visit.  I should point out that my BIL and SIL are VERY aware of Keb’s allergy.  They keep the dog in the garage and clean before we come.  This is just what happens when your son is AMAZINGLY allergic to an animal.  It’s not that the people in our lives don’t work their butts off to try to avoid this situation.  It just happens anyway.  So once home we went through our normal regimen: shower, Zyrtec, and a nebulizer for his Albuterol.   He actually prefers the nebulizer because he feels it delivers the medicine better than an inhaler and spacer.

Less than a day later, our framily (friends who are really family) from Iowa came.  On Sunday he was going to sleep with his “cousins”.  No go…  He couldn’t breathe well.  I assumed it was a blanket I’d put on the floor, which I thought was down.  However, the removal didn’t make a change.  Sure enough, some of their dog’s hair had traveled with them.  Not that I noticed — you couldn’t see it or anything.  But like I pointed out, his allergy is extreme.  Keb was able to hang out with them during the days, but he couldn’t sleep with them.  Strange, huh?

Once they left life returned to normal for us.  In fact, so normal that I completely forget that his friend, J, has a dog.  Yes, yesterday Keb spent the afternoon (with no emergency inhaler or Albuterol prep) with Jesse, the dog.  By the time I picked him up, he looked like he hadn’t slept in days.  His breathing was labored, his skin was blotchy, and his eyes were also swollen.  Needless to say, it was go home, strip, get in the shower, take a Zyrtec, and hang out with the nebulizer.

Right now I’m finishing washing and drying the bedding on HOT and HIGH.  I hope the rest of his month goes well.  Poor boy needs some time to breathe.


One thought on “Allergy Boy

  1. justaglimpse says:

    Next time we come (and the boys are ready TODAY) we will take the clothes directly from the dryer to the suitcase. Maybe that will help.

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