The Cocked Eyebrow

I admit to a certain amount of arrogance.  In fact, it borders on being an a**hole.  I think it serves me well.

I should point out that, while I’m not a slug, I’m not overly inclined to create work.  I’m also not very inclined to let people try to determine how I should spend my free time.  Since I’ve had a child, I’ve come to understand and fully embrace the concept of a “day of rest.”  I see no reason whatsoever to shove a week’s worth of activity into a weekend, all under the guise of staying busy or having experiences or “doing something.”  Trust me, I do a lot of something during the week.  No need to push it further.

Which brings me to today’s intersection of arrogance and the eyebrow.  Something was said about working additional hours or being paid a .2 FTE at school.  I pointed out would never want this as  I relish my free time and like having a break.  Eyebrow person pointed out that by working MORE you make MORE money.  REALLY?  Well, duh.  You also end up overworked, overstressed, bitching about every little thing because you’re trying to do it all, and not feeling especially successful.  I said this with the utmost sincerity, “There’s not  enough money to buy my free time.”  Hence the eyebrow.

Now this wouldn’t be true if, as a family, we NEEDED the money.  Then my free time, the time I use not to be a jerk, would be open to the highest bidder.  However, I see no reason to overtax myself to spend money on STUFF.  I just spent last weekend getting rid of junk.  I’d like to become MORE thoughtful about what I bring into the house, not less so because I’m “rewarding” myself for all the long hours because I worked MORE hours to make MORE money just to end up spending MORE money (aka: vicious cycle).

Teaching is hard.  Making it harder is just ignorant.  While my eyebrow friend might question my philosophy, I say this.  I’m not the one with rent, mortgage, two car payments, credit card bills, two student loans (LARGE ONES), designer purses, a shoe shopping addiction, and a ring the size of a gumball that probably couldn’t be sold to pay for any of the above because it’s probably not paid for. Living simply allows me to make such outrageous comments.

While I may be arrogant, I’m no fool.


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