Quite a Day

This past year has found me enjoying vacations and time from school more than ever before.  When I was at Olinder, with Carol, Lynette and the rest of my tribe, I would go in and work over breaks.   More correctly, WE would go in an work.  We’d collaborate, plan out units, sit around and complain, and basically get stuff up and running.  If my room was a sty, we’d clean.  It was lovely.

When I left to come to my current position, it never once occurred to me that not having a tribe would affect me so dramatically.  While I love the challenges and the students at my new school, my lack of a “tribe” has negatively affected my teaching.  For some reason, I can’t seem to enjoy working alone.  Funny for a teacher, given that the usual philosophy of teaching is “close the door and do your thing.”

Today was our first day after the vacation.  It was a teacher work-day.  I started it by shoo-ing students away.  Seriously, they were dressed and ready to attend school.  I can’t believe I was telling them to leave.  Honestly, I would have taught them, fed them lunch and kept them.  Because staff development is not fun.  Not only that, I really also needed to map out what I was going to do this week.  Unfortunately, it meant working alone.  It was a reminder of why I’ve been loving vacations.  No pressure, plus I can see my old tribe and be supported.

So.. as if that wasn’t all somewhat painful, I also decided today that I would go to Jazzercise after work — something I haven’t done in a good 5 years.  OMG!  Something about not getting home until 7:15 was PAINFUL.  I couldn’t believe how much I felt that I hadn’t been home ALL DAY.  In all honesty, I hadn’t.  I left at 6:40 a.m.  Still, I didn’t feel energized.  I felt exhausted.

Tomorrow the kids return.  I’m ready for them, but after my day, I’d rather stay home.


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