It’s 2010!  How cool is that?

This is, of course, the time of year when people traditionally make resolutions.  These resolutions are supported by every woman’s magazine on the planet.  Apparently January =resolutions the way October = breast cancer awareness and February = longest damned month with a week of black history thrown in for good measure.

I generally don’t make resolutions.  I’m a bit ADD so either I do something or I don’t.  More often than not, I don’t.  I’m not proud of it, just honest about it.  I have many failings, and I like to look humble by enumerating them.

That said, I have been thinking about resolutions this year.  Are there little tweaks I could make that would pay off for me?  Like many, my main focus is my weight.  I’ve regained some of what I’d lost (22 pounds at Thanksgiving.  I had lost 75 pounds.).  Rather than just buy new BIGGER clothes, it makes sense to lose what I found.  That said, still not easy.  I’ve lost but regained already on the program.  Of course it’s not Jenny Craig’s fault; it’s mine.  If you eat homemade peanut butter balls and cashew brittle for 3-4 days, you will gain weight (ahem, random lying sack of fecal matter Hollywood starlet).  I do not get how Hollywood starlets have trouble keeping on weight when they LOVE food. Perhaps they merely love food and don’t lust after it.  However, I digress.

Today, while Nordic Tracking (my preferred method of exercise), it occurred to me that I had stopped using the cable for my arms.  While my legs were moving in the cross-country ski fashion, my hands were resting on the hip cushion.  Perhaps, I wasn’t getting as much out of my workout as I thought I was?  So… Resolution #1 popped up.  I will use the arm cable for at least 3 songs per session.  I can do more, of course, but the commitment is to 3 songs.

Then it occurred to me that I’d been drinking A LOT of soda lately.   While my Jenny Craig consultant assumed (and I didn’t correct her) that I drank a lot of water because I’m fairly active, the fact is, I don’t.  So… Resolution #2 came about.  I will only drink water when I exercise.  Sure I should drink water ALL the time, but you have to start somewhere.

To get me on the water path, I bought lemon and cucumber.  Today I placed slices of each into my water cup (it’s actually called a Bubba Keg and holds 1Liter).  I am proud to say that I’ve had two full Bubba Kegs today.  Should I drink more, great.  If not, at least I did what I set out to do.

My final resolution came about during reflections with Carol and Cassie.  I have an evaluation from Jenny Craig that notes I eat emotionally, mindlessly, and socially.  Basically, I just eat all the damned time, whenever and wherever.  This sucks.  I noticed during Cassie’s visit that I often wasn’t prepared to eat or that I would eat whatever was there.

Resolution #3 is a combination platter.  I want to eat according to the plan I make for my diet (whether Jenny Craig or something else), and I want to conquer my licks, nibbles, and bites (LNBs).  It seems that the LNBs that I nosh when I see food or feel stressed added greatly to my expanding saddle bags.

The first two, I know, will be easier for me than the last.  Perhaps I should have said 80% of the time on resolution #3 to ensure success.  I worry about that one, because it’s big.  It also has many unseen steps that go with it.

Hopefully whatever you’ve resolved to do, change, undertake or endure this year is something that makes sense, is achievable, and is personal to you.  I wish you good luck.


One thought on “Resolutions

  1. Suzanne,
    I am a licensed mental health counselor and have had the honor of walking with many people through their food/weight/body image issues. Research says that dieting is not a long-term solution because almost everyone who loses weight gains it all back – plus more! This is because food and weight issues are much more about our hearts and our stories than calories and fat grams. Until we address these issues of the heart, we cannot fight the body image bandit and win. I am writing a book and blog about the causes and how to address them instead of treating the symptoms only. If we don’t work on the causes of our weight/body issues, it is like cutting off a weed at the top. It looks good for a while, but it always comes back. My latest post is called, “Real Reasons for Food Addiction.” I would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks, Cherrie
    Fannies: Reflections on Cookie Dough, Life, and Your Derriere

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