Modern Dentistry

I have to start by admitting that my husband, Taed, is far brighter and more responsible than I.  He was the one who made the original dentist appointment in November for me, and then the follow-up to get all the work done in December.   Damned good thing too.

Based on having neglected the dentist for at least 3 years (I am truly sorry to all those without dental insurance who can’t go.  That wasn’t the issue.  I just kept thinking I would research a dentist I would like better.  D’oh!) I had a mouthful of work to do.  The pitiful part is that the person who didn’t get a cavity until she was 19, and the second one at 34, now had a huge mouthful of fillings to get.  Eleven to be exact.

To be fair, they weren’t all actual cavities.  I had 3 abrasions (where the gum pulls away from the tooth), two fillings that had fallen out, and 2 places where the enamel was thin and the dentine was showing.  Which leaves 3-4 cavities, a number I see as not too shabby after years of neglect.  Of course, with dental insurance and a ready supply of dental professionals, this is still an atrocious event.

Which leads me to my complete LOVE of modern dentistry.  The work was done per mouth half, first the right side, then the left.  I was amazed at how much nicer (if you can believe it) it was to be numbed.  First a gel, then the shot.  The doctor kept praising, telling me I was doing a good job.  To be honest, it was nothing.  Even with half my face numb and my appearance approaching that of a stroke victim, all I could think was how damned lucky I was.

Why?  First, Novocaine or whatever was used.  Imagine undergoing drilling 100 years ago without this.  I shudder to think what it would have been like.  Two, tooth colored epoxy or bond or filling or whatever.  It’s so much nicer than the mercury-filled metals of our youth.  Third, the fact that this could all be done in an hour.  It was pain-free and simple.  Here I am less than a week later with all troubles solved (for now) and no ill-effects.

I have always felt privileged to live in the modern age.  Dentistry is just another reason to be thankful.


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